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Caramelised Banana Dulce de Leche Cake


6 x sheets of banana bread
Caramelised banana cream (Recipe 1 below)
Hazelnut chocolate crunch recipe (Recipe 2 below)
Duche leche tins or ganache
Vanilla crème Chantilly (Recipe 3 below)
Vanilla glaze


Layer banana bread, banana cream and dulce de leche in a cake tin. Top off with Vanilla glaze, Chantilly creme and sprinkle the Hazelnut chocolate crunch on top. Slice up and serve!


1. Caramelised banana cream recipe

  • ​600g sugar
  • ​4000g bananas over ripe chopped
  • ​3200g milk warmed
  • ​1000g cream
  • ​80g gold leaf gelatine soaked and drained


Method: Make a dry caramel, add bananas cook for 3 mins, add warm milk and cream simmer 8 mins

2. Hazelnut chocolate crunch recipe

  • ​1500g Milk chocolate compound
  • ​1500g Hazelnut paste
  • ​600g Beurre noisette
  • ​1500g milk crumble ( small in size pieces)
  • ​1500g toasted slivered almonds chopped
  • ​60g sea salt flakes


Method: melt chocolate, whisk in the hazelnut paste in, add beurre noissette and remainder of ingredients

3. Vanilla crème Chantilly recipe

  • 40g gelatine leaf
  • 6000g cream
  • 7 vanilla beans scraped
  • 1750g sugar


Method: Soak gelatine, bring cream sugar vanilla to 80c add gelatine, cool in fridge till set, whisk in the mixer til soft firm peaks.



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