By Benjamen Judd

This week we are going a little afield in our search for random things that we want to own. We ended up in South Australia (figuratively, not literally) where we came across the amazing ceramic work done by the equally amazing Susan Frost.

Susan began her work in clay way back when in 2005 while she was living in the UK. It started out as an evening course, making pinch pots and learning the basics of the wheel but the deal was done and, according to Susan, her love for making was cemented in those early moments.

It wasn’t until she returned to Sydney in 2006 that she began chasing the possibility of becoming a professional ceramicist, including weekly workshops at the Jam Factory and working under the tutelage of the likes of Bruce Nuske and Kirsten Coelho. Since then, Susan has not only mastered the skills of becoming a keen ceramicist, but has also developed her own distinct aesthetic within the field, which to our mind is a much harder feat to accomplish.

Done almost exclusively in soft shades of blues and greens (there are hints of yellows there), Susan seems to be able to give the impression of a near translucence to her work. This skill in glazing is something that definitely sets her apart from so many others within her field, and we think provides her work an almost vintage feel.

You can buy Susan’s creations online from her website here as well as see her other work and get information on exhibitions.


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