A leg up for the little ones.

When we heard about the site pledgemyproject.com¬†through the webvine, we thought ‘that sounds really cool’. We’ve heard about crowd funding sites before (where people can post their idea online and request random and not so random folks to donate cash to their cause), but we hadn’t heard of any that were from a local level.

This site struck a chord because it is being set up by a small business owner in Sydney. He talks a bit about his dream for the site on their facebook info page:

‘Every project is judged and supported by it’s community based on inspiration and merit. We work on a pledge system in line with Americas kickstarter. All projects set a funding goal and have a finite amount of time to achieve pledged amounts from friends, family, fans – you name it. Dream big and support dreams. Make your projects a reality whether you are a creator or a supporter.’

So, in essence, they want you to put your project up for auction and to create like the sky is the limit. In an economy where small business owners are really doing it tough, we think that this is a pretty cool way to redistribute the wealth and let everyone eat cake.

Pledgemyproject.com launches on the 28th Feb 2012. Check it out and get on board someones creative wagon.

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