The 41st Gold Coast Marathon will be held on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 July 2019, and we are proud to announce QT Gold Coast is the official hotel of the race.

To help you with your race, some of the greatest running minds in Australia have provided six top tips to help kick-start your training.

“There seems to be an indescribable ‘pull’ or certain magnetic energy that draws the best out of your preparation when you have made a solid commitment by officially registering.”

Brad Beer – Gold Coast Marathon advocate, physiotherapist and author.

“Without goals, you’re just a jogger. Joggers just jog around, runners have structure and are focused on a destination, a personal best, first marathon or anything that will make them stretch physically and emotionally.”

Rob de-Castella – two-time Commonwealth Games gold medalist and former marathon world record holder.

“A personalised training program factors in a runner’s initial level of fitness and is structured to meet availability with the amount of training sessions per week. They can be re-jigged to allow for injury and illness which may strike during training.”

Pat Carroll – four-time Gold Coast Marathon winner.

“The benefits of running with a friend or group in the lead up to the Gold Coast Marathon include having someone or others to keep you committed because it is easy to skip a run if it is just you. If there are others waiting for you then you are more likely to do it.”

Steve Moneghetti – four-time Olympian and Commonwealth Games gold medalist.

“The Gold Coast Marathon is on the road and therefore you should do plenty of training on the road. But it is also important to mix up surfaces. Training on grass has a lower impact on your body and is good for intervals or hills. Dirt surfaces develop speed and slightly uneven ground helps develop body awareness and strength which is especially important in the latter stages of the marathon when you get tired.”

Benita Willis – four-time Olympian and Australian female marathon record holder.

“No one session makes your marathon successful but one session can ruin it. Your preparation is built over time and with proper planning you can make it work.”

Lee Troop – three-time Olympian and 2006 Gold Coast Airport Marathon winner.

Planning to enter this year? You can take advantage of our Gold Coast Marathon Package.

See you at the finish line!

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