Cape Grim Beef Is The Best

The best steaks you’ll ever eat come from Cape Grim.

In a land far, far away, there is a rugged wilderness famous for having the cleanest air in the world. A wild stretch of pristine coastline in Tasmania, known as Cape Grim.

Located in the nor western corner of Van Diemen’s Land, the air is kept clean by the Roaring Forties winds chasing any trace of pollution back out across the Southern Ocean.

The cattle that graze on the unspoiled grass have been doing so for years. And it might be that chilled life that makes the meat from these happy cows of outstanding quality.

And that brings us to the present day and to the kitchens of Capitol Bar and Grill. Along with other high quality local produce in Australia, Cape Grim beef is our go-to steak source.

As important as the quality of the beef is, the proof is in the cooking. Our chefs have mastered the art of cooking these particular steaks. So much so , that Capitol Bar and Grill recently took out the award for Best Steak at the 2017 ACT AHA Hospitality Awards.

When it comes to the cuts, they’re all absolutely beauties. We’ve made a list, so you know exactly what you’re getting next time you’re in.

T-Bone “Bistecca Fiorentina” 400g

The T-bone is Beef cut from the short loin and contains a smaller section of tenderloin.

The T-Bone we serve is dry aged in house for a minimum of 21 days to a maximum of 28 days. Grass Fed and from Cape Grim. Guaranteed to be the best meat you will taste. The T-Bone is grilled on a wood-fired grill and served with salsa erbe.

Sirloin Pepper Steak, 250g

The sirloin steak is a steak cut from the back of the animal.

Pasture fed steak from Cape Grim served with peppercorn sauce with cognac base and garnished with watercress salad.

Double Rib Eye Tomahawk

One of our favourites…and for good reason! Barbecued over wood and coals and served with creamy potatoes, mashed minted peas and black truffle baked garlic butter field mushrooms.

The Tomahawk is a cut from the fore-rib with the entire rib bone left. The long bone is french-trimmed, leaving a rather impressive presentation. As it is bone-in Rib Steak, it has quite a large amount of inter-muscular fat, which gives it a load of flavour when cooked. Flavours are released from both the huge bone and inter-muscular fat during roasting to give a sweet and mouth-watering flavour.

At least 40 minutes for medium rare, the steak is cut by chef at the table.

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Rib Eye 100% Black Angus, 320g

A Rib Eye is a beef steak sliced from the rib primal of a beef animal, with rib bone – also known as Scotch Fillet.

We also have a thick and juicy Rib Eye steak from Darling Downs in QLD exclusively Sourced for Capitol Bar and Grill. Grain Fed Beef served with traditional condiments (Hot English mustard, seeded mustard). Served with Old School Tarragon Béarnaise Sauce, Sweet Potato, Black Sesame & Lemon Salted Fries.

“I only have a Minute Steak” Rib Eye, 180g

Grain Fed, 100% Black Angus, a small steak cooked to pink served with anchovy butter, watercress, shallots and a horseradish salad with shoestring fries on side.

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