118-120 Ramsgate Ave, North Bondi NSW 2026


+61 2 9130 3152
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The Rat House

The sun deck at The Rat House is absolutely sun soaked all year round and although likely packed to the rails in the summer (stand with a beer and jump on the first free table you see), this can be a genuine secret spot in winter.

The food is ‘Ar-ee’ food (Aussie slang for RSL), which means it’s not fancy, but it’s ‘cheap and cheerful’. As long as you don’t go in expecting fine dining, you’ll be happy… and so will your wallet.

There are no plush fittings and fixtures here but this venue provides an unobstructed view of Bondi, value for money drinks and some local knowledge that you can’t buy in any travel book. Ask the barman, the front desk lady, the cleaner, anyone who works there and you’ll get some more insight into this beautiful area.

The RSL (Returned and Services League) club is the Australian standard of raising a glass to the service men and women past and present. You need to be a member to get into RSL clubs, but you can sign up as a temporary member at the front desk.

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